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Dear Reading Friends,

Feel free to use as few or many of the discussion questions below for your book group discussion of Her Deadly Inheritance.  When you do, email me a photo of your group, and I will post it here.

And thank you for choosing Her Deadly Inheritance.


Discussion Questions for Her Deadly Inheritance 

  1. Jill returns to Windtop, hoping to find closure to her mother’s tragic death. She wonders if her choices contributed to her mother’s suicide. If you’ve had regrets following the death of someone you love, how were you able to resolve the pain?
  2. In what way were Jill’s and Clay’s story goals and situations similar? In what way did they differ?
  3. How did Jill and Clay find appropriate resolutions to their problems? Did their solutions help you in any way?
  4. How did Jill’s faith influence her decisions? How did Clay’s?
  5. Have you lost someone close to you? What was your response? Did the experience draw you closer to God or lead you to question him?
  6. Both Jill and Clay have trouble forgiving. Have you struggled to forgive? How did you come the place where you could forgive? What do you think of how Jiil and Clay came to forgive?
  7. Jill continues to pursue the truth about her mother’s death, even with attempts on her life. Have you ever pursued a just cause in the face of persecution? How did you handle it?
  8. Both Jill and Clay are caught in regret because of the effects of past choices. What advice would you offer someone who is crippled by past choices? What helpful advice has someone offered you?
  9. Both Jill and Clay are hampered by fear. How does it impact their choices in the story?
  10. Jill wonders if Tia’s repentance is real. How can you tell if a person’s repentance is sincere or a form of manipulation? What signs do you look for?
  11. What scene in the story was the most exciting for you and why?
  12. Who was your favorite supporting character and why?
  13. Which character did you most relate to and why?
  14. What do you think of Clay’s and Jill’s final take on how to handle bad situations?
  15. Why is Clay reluctant to commit to Jill even though he has feelings for her? What changes his mind?
  16. What influenced you to read this book? In what ways did it live up to your expectations? In what ways did it fail?
  17. What did you like best about the setting of this story as it relates to the characters? What did you like least?
  18. Jill chooses not to run from her problem this time. Have you run from a problem and later changed you mind? With what results?
  19. Facing fears can be difficult. When have you faced a fear in your life head-on, even though you were terrified? How were you able to do that?
  20. Jill feels she’s not good at picking out men. Have you ever felt that way and why?