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Flash news … thought you would want to know … I just found out that “today only” Her Deadly Inheritance in the kindle version is FREE on Amazon. Great time to grab a copy if you haven’t read it yet. ENJOY!


Revealing December 2016 New Romantic Suspense

I’m excited to share American Christian Fiction Writers announcement of  two new christmasromantic suspense releases this month. Twelve other Christian novels in five other fiction genres are also listed at the above link.

Now …

For your convenience, I’m revealing here the two romantic suspense stories–one by Liz Johnson and the other by Susan Sleeman–both excellent authors I can easily recommend. Also, in keeping with this blessed season we all love, Christmas is a part of each story’s setting.


Romantic Suspense:

hazardous-holidayHazardous Holiday by Liz Johnson — Just in time for the holidays, navy SEAL Zach McCloud returns home from deployment–and discovers someone wants his family dead. When he married his cousin’s struggling widow, he vowed to help her and her seriously ill son, and now he’ll risk everything to protect them. Even if their arrangement is only temporary. Kristi’s certain an unhappy client from the law firm where she works is determined to hunt her down. But when a sniper bullet wildly misses its target, they begin to question whether it’s really her someone wants dead. Working together, can they figure out why they’ve been attacked…and keep little Cody from the nefarious forces dead set on making this Christmas their last? (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

christmas-conspiracyChristmas Conspiracy by Susan Sleeman — When Commander Jake Marsh loses control of a hostage situation and Tessa Long is injured, guilt eats at him. He blurs the line between the professional and personal, and visits Tessa at the hospital. But when a man tries to kill her in her hospital room, Jake disregards all of the rules and regulations that have allowed him to control his world and vows to keep her safe no matter what. Trouble is, the situation brings back memories from his childhood of the loss of his entire family, and for the first time in twenty years, he fears he’s no longer in charge of his life, and knows when he’s out of control bad things happen. Very bad things. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Aspiring Writer – The Big Dream

I remember what it was like back In 2003 when I dreamed of seeing my first romantic suspense novel in print. Today, so many ask the “What’s it like?” questions that I wondered if you might enjoy a look at the heart of a typical aspiring author and her persistent journey toward publication.


We all have dreams right? My dad used to say, “You might as well dream big. They don’t cost anything.”

autumn-color-along-a-riverTrue–when you’re only dreaming. But venture out to achieve your dream, and the “cost” soon makes itself known.

So, what does it cost to become the author of a novel? Here is a small portion of what I’ve learned so far:

  • reading tons of the kind of novels you long to write
  • studying endless books, magazine articles, and CDs on writing (which, by the way, also cost $)
  • investing in equipment (computer, laptop, software, etc) to produce editor-friendly manuscripts
  • participating in local and online writers’ groups to share much-needed fellowship, information, and encouragement with others who understand your desire to write
  • setting up an Internet presence–website, blog, facebook, and more
  • attending writers’ conferences, seminars, and workshops to network and to learn from talented experts
  • spending months–maybe years–getting to know your novel’s characters and learning how to capture them on the page through endless practice
  • sitting long hours alone at your computer or laptop crafting your stories
  • drinking deeply at the fountain of life’s inevitable joys and sorows, then praying for the words–and the courage–to pour out what you have learned for all the world to see
  • laboring over your manuscript, writing and rewriting until your words sing on the page
  • finding the courage to endure as you submit and resubmit your manuscript at writer’s conferences, online, and through the U.S. mail (if requested)–until your story finds a home.

Is the price too high? Not when, finally, it all comes together. Your book is born. Your dream becomes a reality, and there is nothing like holding that first copy of your new book dreams-come-truein your hands.

Or so I’m told.

For I have yet to hold that frist copy of my novel in my hands. Though I’m well past the dreaming stage … and a great distance through the cost stage … I continue to labor.

Right now, I’m preparing the proposal for my first romantic suspense novel. Very soon I will launch a campaign to catch the interest of agents and publishers … and enter the endurance stage.

Only our beloved God knows if and when Her Rightful Inheritance (later renamed Her Deadly Inheritance) will take shape as a published novel.

In the meantime, with your permission, I will share my journey with you. Who knows? One day we may share a joyous cuber-shriek as I announce the arrival of Her Rightful Inheritance in the “Promised Land” of published novels!


Dear Reader, thank you for accompanying me on my journey this far. Until next time … Dream big and go with God’s blessing!

~ Beth

Copyright 2003 Beth Ann Ziarnik

Do you have a writer’s dream? Please share!

 journey this far. Until the next time . . . Dream big and go with God’s blessing!

~ Beth

Copyright 2003 Beth Ann Ziarnik

Finding Your Dream

Do you dream of what you would like to do with the rest of your life? I’m reading Finding Your Dream by Jane Rubietta, and it’s gotten me to thinking. Am I living my dream? Do I still have a dream? Or have I given up on dreaming?

img_20161011_161615042Years ago, I dreamed of writing exciting romantic suspense novels with Christian heroes and heroines. Of exploring how their choices might differ in challenging circumstances. Of readers loving my novels so much that they couldn’t wait for the next one to come out.

I even cross-stitched a prayer that hangs on the wall near my writing desk. As you can see, it’s from the Precious Moments collection, but I changed it slightly from help with bills that are owed to help with writing manuscripts and finding editors who would say yes. Do you see the girl holding one “dear editor” paper and another marked “mss” (manuscripts).

I dreamed of one day receiving the Write-to-Publish “Writer of the Year” award. It seemed impossible. Yet the Lord surprised me on June 10 2016-wtp-writer-of-the-year-awardthis year at the Write-to-Publish banquet. That plaque also hangs on the wall near my writing desk.

Yet today, though I’m close to finishing that next novel (and I love it), I wonder If I’m still dreaming, or if I’m too scared or too busy to dream. Am I a one-book-wonder? Or will the Lord enable me to create yet another novel that will excite readers as much as the first.

In the meantime, I keep writing and praying, hoping to offer something of value to you, and hoping to sustain the dream.

Do you have a dream? Are you living that dream? Or have you simply given up on dreaming?


Neglected Blog? No More–Let’s Have Fun!

The main speaker startled me in August at the Green Lake Christian Writers Conference. When Wendy K. Walters said, “A neglected blog tells visitors you don’t care” …

I thought my heart would stop._20160826_105519 - 2016 GLCWC

Please accept my apology! I never meant to send you any such message. Not to excuse myself, but I stopped posting only because I didn’t want to waste your time.

Posts should offer you something with meaning and value–something to enrich your life, right?

So, here’s the good news, dear readers! After much searching of my heart, I finally discovered what I truly want to share with you. Things to satisfy your curiosity and, hopefully, spark real conversations between us.

I value you, my novel’s readers. You’ve been so wonderful–buying Her Deadly Inheritance, telling me how much you love it, and sharing your enthusiasm with others. You are a huge blessing! And a huge encouragement. I can’t thank you enough.

Now I want to bless you, too. Obviously, you love reading fiction and are curious about a novelist’s life. When we meet in person, you quickly ask when to expect my next novel and what my life is like now. (Pretty much like yours except that I also write.) And you ask so many interesting questions.

So, what can you look forward to as we chat on my new blog?

  • updates on the progress of my next novel–a lot is happening!
  • behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it’s like to____
  • reviews of terrific new novels by other authors along with my interviews with them

I’ll also:

  • post fun online games we can enjoy together
  • ask your opinion on topics related to writing and reading
  • schedule occasional one-hour Q & A sessions where you can ask me anything about my novels and writing life

And so much more!

But first, here’s your chance to “influence the author.” This blog is for you, so …

What would you like me to write about as an author of Christian romantic suspense?