Are Magazines an Endangered Species?

Not at my house! I subscribe to three magazines and can hardly wait for the next issue to arrive.

Especially Our Wisconsin with its gorgeous full-color photos and all things Wisconsin. Like our fascinating everyday people, interesting places to visit, and I-didn’t-know-that doings. Not to mention Wisconsin recipes, easy contests anyone can enter, themed puzzles, and more. It’s a fun, reader-interactive magazine. And …

A surprise arrived in this latest issue. A touching piece written my friend Linda Holtger. It appeared on a My Favorite Teacher page along with pieces by three other authors. Linda wrote about Miss Hodges, “a remarkable woman who changed my life” by helping Linda, then a child in elementary school, overcome a speech impediment.

Another favorite magazine is Guideposts. I love stories of people facing life’s challenges with the help of God. Don’t you?

I’m also finding Decision Magazine a big help. Only 42 pages, yet what a great encouragement in today’s world. It’s published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and includes news and views, past and present. My women’s Bible study group is currently using its August/July issue’s Building Faith feature written by Anne Graham Lotz. “Getting Serious” is a right-on, three-part study of 2 Timothy 4.

So … I’m curious. What favorite magazines make a difference in your life? (Let’s give a cheer for those magazines that give us ideas, encourage and uplift us, and improve the quality of our lives.)

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