“I Like a Challenge!”

I don’t recall the disagreement, but I’d had enough. “I’m not staying where I’m not wanted!” I shouted at my new husband.

In a flurry of anger, I set out in the dead of winter, marching down Algoma Blvd toward the college campus. It was Sunday … I was pregnant … and I had no clue where I was going.

Though a student at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh, I suddenly recalled the campus was all but shut down for the weekend. My family had moved out of state two weeks after Jim and I married. But wait … the Neuman Center would be open. Yup. That’s where I’d go. Never back to that man!

But I didn’t know my husband.

A few blocks later, a car pulled over, and the passenger window rolled down. “Hey, lady,” a guy inside said, “ya wanna ride?”

Who did he think he was fooling? I knew that voice. And that car. I stuck my nose in the air and marched on.

The car pulled away. A block later, it was back with a repeat performance. I gave Jim a repeat performance of my own. Though I’ll admit I was disappointed when he and the car disappeared again. And didn’t return.

Well, I’m probably better off without him. Though I wish … oh, what difference did it make what I wished. I’d had two chances and blew them.

Now nearing the campus, I approached a corner with neatly trimmed bushes edging the property. Out popped Jim with welcoming arms and a big grin.

I collapsed into laughter, and he took my hand. “Let’s go home, Beauty.”

If you’re thinking Jim had his hands full with me, you’re right. Down through the years, my faithful husband had other occasions to rescue the day with humor.

Oh, and in case you’re tempted to feel sorry for him, don’t bother. I once told him I felt sorry for him. He was indignant. “I like a challenge!” he insisted.

All right then, sweetheart.

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6 thoughts on ““I Like a Challenge!”

  1. For many years I was frustrated because it seemed like no sooner did I tidy the house, and it would messy again. I often blamed the boys or hubby and would play little Mrs. Martyr.

    “Is it even possible for any of you to clean up after yourselves? I just cleaned and now the place is A disaster,” I said, exasperated and loud. I would then pout and stomp as i tidied up for the umpteenth time.

    Fast forward a number of years, the boys have flown the nest and are living their own independent, twenties style of life. Due to an upcoming dream trip, hubby was working two jobs. This meant he was only home for very brief periods if time. I was just beginning my writer’s journey.

    A couple months into this pattern of our new, temporary normal, and after spending several days of intense writing/research time, I looked around the house. Once again, it was quite a disaster!

    “What is wrong with him,” I muttered. Then I had to pull myself up short.

    “Ooohhh,” I said to the cats lazing on the sofa. “He has hardly been home. Guess I’m a messy, too.”

    The cats looked awfully smug with their all-knowing look. 🙄


    • I don’t know, Lori, men sure do like their challenges. Maybe its all that testosterone!I suspect it also has something to do with how God made them with a protective nature, esp. when it comes to their families. Glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for letting me know.


    • Yes, he was, Brenda. He’s been with the Lord for five years now and left me with some fun and poignant memories of our 47 years of marriage. So glad you enjoyed this one. And thank you for taking the time to say so. Bless you!


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