Contract Signed for sequel to Her Deadly Inheritance

“When is your next novel coming out?” Bless you, dear readers, you’ve been asking that question since Her Deadly Inheritance released in January last year.

Good news! We will soon know the answer!

Today I signed the contract for the sequel to Her Deadly Inheritance. According to the U.S. mail, publisher Eddie Jones at Lighthouse of the Carolinas will receive the three copies in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, May 30.

As soon as managing editor Darla Crass lets me know the new novel’s projected release date, I will pass that happy information on to you!

Thank you for your continued interest. You are great encouragers.

4 thoughts on “Contract Signed for sequel to Her Deadly Inheritance

    • Thank you, Deb. And I’m sorry for the delay in responding. I was working against a deadline to get the second novel’s manuscript to the publisher. You should have seen my lawn! It responded so well to the rains,that any passers-by might have wondered if I died! The good news is that my sons came and rescued me. They worked together cutting and trimming. By the way, if you go to my FB page, you’ll see the award plaque.


    • Hi Rene. I’m catching up with responses, now that the second novel is at the publishers. Thank you for cheering me on. Looking forward to getting to know you at the Write-to-Publish Conference!


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