A Very Happy Birthday!

2016-birthday-cakeThis morning was different. I woke up at home on my birthday for the first time in years–instead of in Michigan at Mom’s. The house was silent. No “Happy birthday, Beth” from Mom first thing because she went to heaven this past April.

But God is good, and so are loving family and friends who are filling the gap:

  • My sister Aimee texted “Happy birthday!”
  • My sister Shelly called with birthday greetings.
  • Next, my son Bret called to say he planned to visit with me later today.
  • Then my friend Susan Baganz called to sing “Happy Birthday” and chat.
  • My dear friends and next door neighbors, Jackie and Dennis Kotloski brought a big bouquet of fall flowers with a card and sang “Happy Birthday” and visited a bit.
  • 2016-birthday-flowers

The morning flew by, and before I knew it,  and I had to hurry to get ready to meet my former Oshkosh Public Library co-workers for this month’s lunch at Primo’s. We discovered the restaurant had a special menu of free birthday dinners. I chose the tenderloin steak with mushroom and onions, garlic mashed potatoes that came with soup & salad bar. I also ordered the birthday cake to shared it with my friends. After they sang “Happy birthday,” Mary and I cut and served the cake.


Left to right, that’s Mary, Lou Ann, Doris, Sherry, and me. We had a great time.

In the meantime, at home:

  • my sister Mary Jo texted, “Happy birthday!”
  • my friend Bonnie sent a fun card and gift certificate
  • My Aunt Donnis and brother-in-law Larry sent lovely cards
  • And many dear family and friends posted birthday greeting on my FB page.

It’s been a fun day so far, with more to come. As The Word says, far more than I could think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Thank you all–those who have already celebrated with me and those who will as the day goes on. You’ve made this day special with your love and prayers. Can’t thank you enough.

God bless you all. When I woke up this morning, I never dreamed of all the Lord had waiting for me. What a blessing you are.



4 thoughts on “A Very Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you, Sue. This has been one of my best birthdays–a “cup overflowing.” To top it off, my son Bret, my daughter-in-law Lisa, and grandsons Tyler, Isaiah, and Connor came with a pizza supper and chocolate birthday cake. While we ate, we played Packer Uno and a couple of rounds of Phase 10 before they had to go home. Another beautfiful blessing!


  1. Wow! I knew this birthday would be different. God loaded you with delightful surprises.

    © 1997 by Lois A. Wiederhoeft
    I’m sanctioned to send a
    Sachet of Birthday blessings
    To a Seasoned Servant of our Savior.
    May He surround you with sweet Surprises.

    Happy Birthday!

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