Please Press the Prayer Button

I was so sick when I arrived at the doctor’s office that he sent me straight to the hospital. After a nurse settled me in bed, she showed me how to summon help. “Just push this button,” she said, indicating a palm-sized mechanism with a white button on one end.

An hour later, the room began to spin, slowly at first, but then rapidly picking up speed.  I didn’t realize that my temperature was spiking. All I knew was that I couldn’t find that button. I called to my roommate, “Please! Press the button!”

She pushed hers frantically.


“Hurry! She’s in trouble!”

In moments, four nurses surrounded me, working feverishly, their faces tense and their voices controlled. Gradually, the room slowed its spinning and stopped.

Though ten days later I went home, it was another six months before I fully recovered. Even so, I remained grateful to my roommate who pushed the button that summoned help.

We all need help but sometimes are unable to call for it ourselves. It’s at times like these that we are thankful for those who notice and come to our aid. Precious are those who provide what’s needed. Just as precious are those who let us know, “I knew you were in trouble and I prayed.”

Fortunately, prayer is one button we all have access to, one that calls out to Almighty God. Do you know someone who is ill? Does your heart ache because someone you care about is making harmful choices? Does a crisis threaten someone you know? Please press the prayer button! Don’t hesitate to pour out your heart to God on their behalf.

Focus: “Pray for each other … the earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results” ~ James 5:16, The Living Bible.

How about you? Can you recall a time when someone pressed the prayer button for you? Please share.



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