Will You?

In a recent reading on forgiveness, I was reminded of a relative. Through family stories during my childhood, I came to mistrust and then dislike him. It wasn’t until years after his death that God took the matter up with me. By that time, I was a grown woman with a husband and a baby.

While walking to work one day, I heard these words in my heart. “It’s time to forgive. Will you?”

I had been harboring those ill feelings for a long time, not even aware of them most of the time. But that day I discovered that, for Jesus’ sake, I could forgive. The person didn’t have to ask for my forgiveness, didn’t even have to know he had offended me. I could set myself free of ill feelings simply by forgiving.

How about you? Have you struggled with the remembrance of someone’s offenses against you or someone you love? What has your struggle taught you about the power of forgiveness?


6 thoughts on “Will You?

  1. I had struggled with this over someone who had wounded me deeply and was unrepentant. A wise counselor told me to pray for her. Pray? For her? Why would I do that? Slowly God worked in my heart as I prayed for her. I grew so much through that emotionally traumatic experience and even when she attacked me verbally again, I was able to forgive quickly because i knew she was in prision in her hate and I didn’t need to share that cell in my head. It’s hardest when someone is unrepentant though. There are some situations where resentment rears it’s ugly head and I know I need to take the offense back to the cross to let Jesus deal with it. And then I’m free again. It doesn’t excuse them — it is me surrendering my right to seek justice for the wrong done. God’s got it covered and His wrath is far more terrifying. Praying for someone who wounds you deeply though is tremendously hard to do.


    • Wise words, Susan. I’ve experienced similar challenges, and praying for the person is a marvelous tool of release. So is taking the repeated offenses to the cross. Thanks for weighing in on the subject. Bless you!


  2. Jesus has been showing me how serious forgiveness is. Its not the person it usually is the behavior of that person. In the our father matt 6 i believe if you don’t forgive the father won’t forgive you. That’s serious. Help me Holy spirit to forgive all. that includes if your waiting for someone to say there sorry.


  3. This is so powerful Beth! I believe many people ignore those negative feelings and either blame others for them feeling that way or add to the negativity. I hope we all will heed your message. 🙂


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