What Amazing Love!

I’ll never forget the evening Jim and I watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” at our local movie theater. As we exited with other patrons, no one uttered a word! What we had just witnessed on the screen–the unvarnished horror Jesus’ sufferings–had stunned us to silence.

As I recall the movie’s content, all I can say is, “What amazing love God has for us!”

That Jesus would willingly suffer such a horrible death penalty for our sin. That he would choose to die on the cross in our place so all we have to do is admit we’re sinners and accept God’s free gift to wipe away our debt. What amazing and compassionate kindness!

Some may say, “Nothing in life comes that easy.”

Easy? For us, yes.

But far from easy for the Son of God who died in our place . . . as Gibson’s well-researched film makes so very clear.

How about you? Have you seen Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”? How did it affect you?


2 thoughts on “What Amazing Love!

  1. The movie was well done. We own a copy but I can’t bring myself to watch it again although artistically Mel Gibson did some extraordinary things in his story telling. I know someone who wouldn’t see it becuase they said it wasn’t biblical and Gibson had gone too far in the torture. Whether he did or not, the point is Jesus suffered a horrific death – for us – something we should never forget. The fact that he rose again to never face death anymore (unlike Lazarus) and defeated Satan’s power over sin and death has never been done before or since.


    • Susan, I heard at the time that Gibson softened what Jesus experienced because it was way too gruesome for public viewing. And he was right. Those leather straps embedded with glass and nails ripped his flesh so that he barely resembled a human being. Amazing–he had seen crucifixions before and knew this was a possibility, and still he volunteered to go to the cross for us. You’re right. We should never forget this demonstration of God’s great love for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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