I’m Beginning to Wonder

I’m beginning to wonder. What day goes by without a friend stopping in to meet a need? This time it was my dear friend Susan Baganz. Putting aside her own pressing needs to write, edit, and take care of all things mommy, she came from out of town to help me put up this blog. (I’m told writers should have a blog!)

So here I am, up and running due to Susan’s unselfish love for a friend. Forever grateful to her for her kindness, I’m also forever grateful to God for providing such a friend. One with whom I can laugh and be silly. One who understands this writing life and can talk incessantly about it with me.  What a joy! Also one who shares my love for God and the incredible depth of meaning He brings to a life, no matter what the challenges.

How about you? Do you have such a friend?



8 thoughts on “I’m Beginning to Wonder

  1. I do! I gave beth a true friend test and she came through with flying colors. my daughter had to go to the hospital for testings and she has 3 children at home. I thought maybe I should be with my daughter at the hospital so I ask beth dear as she is and she said yes she would! that’s a friend in time of trouble. true blue so they say. I called my daughter and she wanted to be alone so beth didn’t have to go but she was willing . GOD BLESS HER

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    • God bless you, too, my friend. You are always there for me when I need you. I especially treasure your selfless love the morning I called you about Jim’s heart attack. You dropped everything to take me to the hospital and stayed with me and my sons and families as we all faced Jim’s death together. Thank you!


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